IUF 20 ans

Why a colloquium on resources ?

This col­lo­quium is an event which is open to the whole eco­no­mic, poli­ti­cal and asso­cia­tio­nal world as well as the gene­ral public. With its 572 active mem­bers repre­sen­ting the entire range of uni­ver­sity sub­jects in France, the IUF has mobi­li­zed in order to enligh­ten society about the pro­ble­ma­tic of resour­ces by means of two days of ana­ly­ses and deba­tes.

At the Rio Summit in 1992, the ques­tion of resour­ces was clearly posed for the first time at this level and trig­ge­red an unpre­ce­den­ted echo. Twenty years later, it is one of the issues which is sys­te­ma­ti­cally evoked in every sphere of acti­vity and deci­sion-making and which lar­gely deter­mi­nes the poli­ti­cal, scien­ti­fic and eco­no­mic agen­das of the great nations.

The term – resour­ces – is also a common deno­mi­na­tor for the whole range of uni­ver­sity sub­jects. With a reci­pient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry – Jean-Marie Lehn – as its pre­si­dent, the IUF Anniversary Colloquium makes room for every aca­de­mic dis­ci­pline in the debate on the issue of resour­ces.

For these reasons, the “You and Resources” questionnaire « Vous et les ressources »is important before, during and after the colloquium